with soprano Anna Rita Esposito

Studio for singing and Master-Class

“Italian Belcanto and Legato” Tuition in singing for beginners and advanced students Thanks to his successful career as a tenor and then as a baritone, Walter Donati has unique and extensive singing-experience. In most of the operas in his present repertoire he appeared also as the tenor-lead. Walter Donati is available for anyone who might be interested in exchanging experience and hearing about his astonishing artistic career. For his motto is: Singing should not only bring joy to the singer but also bestow joy on the listener. With a conscious and secure technique this is possible!

For this reason, Walter Donati, together with the soprano Anna Rita Esposito, has founded the studio “Italian Belcanto and Legato” which offers tuition on the following basis: – Recognizing and developing the natural and correct voice-range. – Breath control and diaphragm support. – Practising the correct sound of the head voice. – Vocal studies co-ordinating the basis elements. ( breath, diaphragm support, head voice, intonation ) – Choice of suitable exercises. ( suggest Conconi, Bordogni, Vaccaj, Seidler, Lütgen und Panofka collections. ) – Learning suitable repertoire. ( At the start songs only ) – Taking care of and preserving the voice. – Deportment for an imposing stage presence and charisma. – Special preparation for auditions and public appearances. – Winning and retaining self-confidence. Simply enquire via E-Mail: walterdonati@web.de